Waymark Financial Claims Portal


The Financial Claims Portal is designed for collaborative projects, where the lead organisation needs to administer periodic claims and supporting paperwork from a range of stakeholders. This is most likely to be prior to making a consolidated claim to the main funder. 

The inspiration behind this Financial Claims Portal was a piece of software development we undertook to support Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership with their National Lottery Heritage Fund quarterly claims. The Financial Claims Portal has since been refined so that it meet the needs of a range of different partnership and funding models.


Key features include

  • Upload invoices and receipts
  • Automated calculations for reporting
  • Access to previous submissions
  • Capture of in-kind contributions
  • Log of volunteer time contributions.

This is a slim, easy to set up and use online portal. It is suitable for use from the earliest development phase of a project. Later it can be upgraded with the functionality available in the Partnership Management Portal. 

Find out more

Feel free to contact us or telephone for a chat about your project and the Waymark Portals. If you would like to be set up for a demo of the software please complete the information on our Request a demo form.