Project Management Portal


The Project Management Portal is designed as an online tool with limited or no public-facing content. It can sit alongside an existing website, or it can be enhanced with public-facing pages to make it the primary web presence for a partnership/project.

The Project Management Portal makes the following quicker and easier.

  • Capturing the information required by the programme's main funding organisation, e.g NLHF
  • Administering grant claims & reporting
  • Partnership collaboration and information sharing
  • Monitoring & evaluation

Features & Functionality

The Project Management Portal includes the following:

  • Online progress reporting
  • Detailed reporting and capture of evidence to support Financial claims
  • Volunteer and team management –recording volunteer time and in-kind contributions
  • Reporting against M&E targets - showing progress against agreed outputs and outcomes
  • Submission and storage of evidence of outputs and outcomes – documents, media, forms etc
  • Document sharing
  • Feedback and information sharing within project teams and across the partnership
  • Survey tools
  • Online reporting forms, e.g equal opportunities, demographics
  • Calendar of events and signup facility – team meetings, volunteer activities etc
  • Capture of content that can be used in the public domain, including as social media content
  • Public-facing project description pages.

Users only have permission to see what is relevant to them in the project(s) that they are involved with. A user may be a volunteer in one project and the manager of another.

Documents and confidential information are securely stored and only accessible to higher level users.

The Portal is set up to meet the requirements of your project and maintained for an agreed duration. Hosting and maintaining the portal is included, as is training and user guidance documentation.

Benefits to all stakeholders

The Project Management Portal encourages collaborative working, delivering benefits to everyone involved with your project.

Funding organisations

ROI, less time wasted on admin, more time spent on good works.  The Project Management Portal means that users can easily provide all the required information which is systematically collated to the required reporting standards.

  • Quality reports
  • Greater M&E understanding

Project managers

  • See status of each project.
  • Access summaries and collated reports.
  • Ease of communication and information sharing across teams.
  • Built in feedback and ideas sharing.
  • Collection of evidence for M&E.
  • A tool to prompt and collect stories for publicity & communications.
  • Ability to revise project outputs and outcomes.
  • Capture in-kind contribution levels.
  • Set project deadlines for reporting.

Finance team

  • Upload invoices and receipts.
  • Automated calculations for reporting.
  • Access to previous submissions.

Delivery team

  • Ease of reporting, with access to previous reports and submissions.
  • Guidance on reporting processes.
  • Mobile friendly for immediate use in the field.
  • Easy access to project resources
  • Volunteers and project staff can contribute to reporting.

The following is available on request

  • Enhanced public facing pages, options include visual customisations and public engagement tools e.g e-newsletter, calendar, surveys,
  • Additional user training, e.g workshops and presentations
  • Monitoring & Evaluation support

Find out more

Feel free to contact us or telephone for a chat about your project and the Waymark Portals. If you would like to be set up for a demo of the software please complete the information on our Request a demo form.